Angel Day

Come and discover Early Stage Investing. Meet investors and groups actives in Suisse Romande. Support start-up entrepreneurs involved in technology innovations and prepare the economy of tomorrow.


11:00 AM
Introduction to early-stage investments in technology start-ups
Topics : people, market, technology, due diligence process, valuation
12:00 AM
Sandwich lunch with entrepreneurs – Informal comments from a few local investors and start-ups
2:00 PM
Meet start-ups at  EPFL Innovation Park  – during the #EPFLED Demo-Day and Start-up Showcase


  • The presentation  provides an overview of regional investor clubs in Suisse Romande and their activities on EPFL campus.
  • You will discover what early stage investing is all about.
  • You can decide whether you want to become an angel investor or raise money from angel investors.
  • Determine which investor club or services offers suitable services for you.
  • The presentation focuses on best practices (tips) and operational aspects (process).


  • EPFL Alumni with an interest in early-stage technology start-ups.
  • Active professionals with an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.
  • Retired or ‘in-transition’ individuals.
  • Entrepreneurs who are now investors.
  • Private investors who want to finance and support start-ups individually or in a group.
  • Entrepreneurs who are considering raising money from Business Angels.
  • Professionals in the ‘access to finance for SMEs’ sector.


Online registration is required, as places are limited.



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Investor training : Introduction to investment in early-stage technology companies

What is it?
This presentation introduces the context and some of the situations faced by business angels investing in seed capital in early stage companies. It provides a panorama on the investment in Switzerland and Europe and covers some processes such as evaluation, due diligence processes, legal and personal relationships. It will focus on practical implications, some cases studies are included in the program.

Why should you attend?
This presentation focuses on best practices and operational aspects. In particular it a unique networking opportunity with peers active on EPFL campus..


The background
Who are the active investors in Suisse Romande ? What are investor profiles and legal aspects?
The importance of people/team
How to build, reinforce mentoring relationship between BA and entrepreneurs
Evaluation of the market opportuity (problem)
Ability to compare opportunities in several field (medtech, ICT, technology) and business cases
Evaluation of the product and technology (solution)
Intellectual property, innovation factors
The process
The role of a lead investor and investor teams. Standard due diligence and investment terms



We will invite entrepreneurs to provide additional experience sharing and short pitches, this will be followed by an afternoon allowing to meet pre-seed start-ups at La Forge or successful start-ups on EPFL Innovation Park.