Demo-Day @La Forge

Pitches and demonstrations of the young start-ups at La Forge are sure to stimulate your imagination.

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Program Demo Day Pitch

@EPFL Innovation Park – Building C – La Forge

2:30 PM
Thomas Estier
2:45 PM
Didier Schwartz
3:00 PM
Vincent Privet
3:15 PM
Pierre-Alexandre Aeschlimann
3:30 PM
Martin Polak
3:45 PM
Sebastian Schultz
 4:00 PM
Michael Friederich
 4:15 PM
Sébastien Flury
 4:30 PM
François Briod


Demo zone

@EPFL Innovation Park – Building C – La Forge


Fast unmanned ground vehicles that transport heavy stuff in very rough terrain and places dangerous for humans


An interactive platform that allows to businesses to directly communicate with their clients


A web app that provides innovative advertising solutions and satisfaction surveys to companies while offering deals, gifts and entertainment to users


Cuboyo, the internet marketplace for objects to 3D print. Bespoke by Cuboyo, your unique personalised smartphone case, thanks to 3D printing


A mobile learning software to teach a musical instrument in a playful, yet thorough way, based on real-time polyphonic audio recognition


An App to find the best meal you want

 logo weelow

Weelow is a social/business platform gathering personal and public future events

Logo coteries 

A mobile application for artists to interact with their fans through exclusive content


A comparison website for money transfer services


Innovation in 3D imaging Technology