Start-up Showcase & Corporate Series

A select choice of the EPFL campus’ and Park’s start-up companies have 4 minutes to blow your mind.
Is their inspiration contagious? Directly followed by the Innovation Park’s large companies that are here to present their activities on campus: a glimpse into some of the most innovative and surprising professions.
In parallel throughout the afternoon, a few startups have chosen to welcome you to their booth! Come meet them in the lobby of Building D…


@EPFL Innovation Park – Building D – Room Uranus

2:00PM      Welcome
Aurelie Schick
2:10PM      Octanis
Sam Sulaimanov 
Discovery and exploration
2:20PM      Lunaphore
Déborah Heintze
Device for rapid and accurate tissue analysis
2:30PM      MyCartis
Paul Ladenstein
Personal healthcare
2:40PM      Anokion
Stephan Kontos 
Engineering immune tolerance
2:50PM      Gene Signal
Marta Gherig
Biotechnology company focused on discovering genes involved in the regulation of angiogenesis
3:00PM      Asceneuron
Dirk Beher
Develops effective therapeutics for orphan tauopathies and improved symptomatic drugs for Alzheimer’s disease
3:10PM      SmartCardia 
Srinivasan Murali
New medical technology for remote monitoring of cardiac patients
3:20PM      MakeSends
Achanta Radhakrishna
Secured file transfer services
3:30PM      PayOneSnap
Amaury Soviche
Scan a QR code to pay online
3:40PM      Gait Up
Benoît Mariani
Movement analysis and measurement
3:50PM     Akselos
Sylvain Vallaghé
Simulation technology
4:00PM     Citiviz
Nicolas Lachance-Bernard
Urban intelligence
4:10PM     Visiosafe
Luigi Bagnato
Video analytics
4:20PM     Bestmile
Anne Koymans
Autonomous public transport
4:30PM     Cleanea
Stéphane Schmaltz
Industrial Cleaning products
4:40PM     Logitech
Jean-Michel Chardon
Innovation in a global companie
Ryan Rumsey
Practical and constructive design feedback with a cross-discipline perspective
5:00PM     Texas Instrument
Roberto Silveira
5:10PM     End

Experience zone

@EPFL Innovation Park – Building D – Lobby

2 – 5:00PM
High quality audio loudspeakers
2 – 5:00PM
Credit Suisse
A new way of seeing you bank 
2 – 5:00PM
Collaborative and interactive technologies
2 – 5:00PM
Technologies to prevent counterfeiting and applications for creating innovative design effects
2 – 5:00PM
Web applications & data visualizations
2 – 5:00PM
Connect you to the Campus 
2 – 5:00PM
Take the elevator with them!