Thursday, 19th November 2015


Demo Day @La Forge

14h00 to 18h00


Pitch competition

Demo Day

 at La Forge, EPFL Innovation Park Lausanne

Start-up stands


Pitch session
Conference Room


Closing Apéro



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Giant Leap into the Future

Innovation and Business – Opportunities in Space

17h30 to 20h30

Do you know that top-notch technologies developed for space missions can be used for diverse terrestrial applications, from health care to transport, from energy to security, from sport to entertainment and in many areas of our daily life?

Would you like to be part of more than 300 start-ups boosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) to transform space technologies into business ventures?

Are you interested in grants and support offered by the Swiss Space Office through the Swiss Space Center, to gain access to the network of ESA and the fascinating world of innovation in space?

Come to participate in an exclusive event at Swiss Tech Convention Center on Nov 19, jointly organized by EPFL innovation Park, Swiss Space Center and AP-Swiss! You will get a glimpse of technologies developed for the space mission Rosetta, listen to the inspiring stories of start-ups developing their business into space, or bringing space technologies back to daily applications. In addition, you will be invited to make your first trial of space innovation, by taking part in design sessions animated by experts.


Giant Leap into the Future

 at Swiss Tech Convention Center



Space, innovation & entrepreneurship


Space entrepreneurship
Testimonials of Swiss start-ups having recently initiated their activities in space: benefits, difficulties and expectations

– Christian Fischer, CEO BComp

– Emile de Rijk, CEO Swissto12

– Christof Zwyssig, CEO Celeroton

– Christian Schori, Project manager Spectratime


Space innovation: Roseta mission
The greatest achievements done by the European Space Agency, Martin Rubin, University of Bern


How to make a giant leap with your technologies
Opportunities for newcomers in the space business, Johann Richard, Swiss Space Office


Our Future in the Space Age
Examples of applications developed from space technologies, José Achache, Managing Director AP-Swiss


Design-your-own-application challenge & finder food
Design workshops in groups around technologies developed in Space programs


Concluding remarks
Drinks, desserts & networking



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Christian Fischer, CEO Bcomp

Christian Fischer co-founded Bcomp, a company specialized in natural fiber composites. Before starting Bcomp, he was Project Manager Technology & Innovation at the Alcan Innovation Cells during 3 years. Christian graduated (MSc) in Materials Science and Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), where he later earned his PhD with honors. On the side, he teaches courses on Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Composites in Sports at two universities.


Emile de Rijk, CEO Swissto12

Emile co-founded SWISSto12, a Swiss start-up developing lightweight antennas for high data throughput wireless communications. Emile obtained a PhD in Physics at the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics (ICMP) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne. His research focused on the development of novel waveguide and antenna technologies for millimeter-wave and Terahertz signals applied to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applications. He also worked on developing new experimental techniques to characterize the interactions of materials with millimeter-wave and Terahertz signals.


Christof Zwyssig, CEO Celeroton AG

Christof co-founded in January 2009 Celeroton AG – an ETH Zurich spinoff company in the area of high-speed electrical drive systems. He has been the co-managing director of the company. Christof received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich in 2004 and 2008, respectively.


Christian Schori, Project manager Spectratime

Christian is a Swiss/Danish citizen. He obtained his PhD in experimental physics form Aarhus University, Denmark. Since 2011 he worked as project manager at Spectratime where he is responsible for research on atomic clocks for the next generation of Galileo navigation satellites.


Martin Rubin, Researcher at the space Research & Planetary Science, University Bern

Martin Rubin received the Ph.D. degree in Physics from University of Bern in 2006. In May 2015, he was appointed first assistant at the physics institute of the University of Bern. Since September 2012, he is adjunct research scientist at the department of Climate and Space sciences and Engineering at University of Michigan (US). His research interests cover a wide range from comets to planetary bodies in the solar system. He is co-investigator of the ROSINA instrument suite of the ESA Rosetta mission.


José Achache, Managing Director AP-SWiSS 

José is President of ALTYN and Managing Director of AP-SWISS, a joint undertaking of ESA and the Swiss Space Office. He was firstly Professor at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris then appointed as Deputy Director General of the French Space Agency. He served as Director of Earth Observation Programmes at European Space Agency and as Secretary General of GEO, the international organization in Geneva that coordinates Earth observation satellites worldwide. He is currently Board Member of several companies. A graduate from Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, José holds a PhD in Geophysics from University Pierre et Marie Curie and a PhD in Physical Sciences from University Denis Diderot.