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Sustainability is not just the responsibility of politicians and world leaders. Increasingly, businesses are expected but also willing to lead the change and hasten its progress. From startups to large corporations, more and more companies are looking at how best they can take the green initiative and incorporate sustainability into their business strategy.

Integrating an ecosystem

Companies engaged in sustainability programs

The EPFL Innovation Park is an Ecosystem Partner of the Swiss Triple Impact program, developed by B Lab Switzerland and supported by the Swiss Confederation. This program helps our companies to measure their contributions to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identify areas for improvement, open up new business opportunities and stimulate positive -impact innovation. Workshops dedicated to the companies of the Park take place on site on a regular basis.

After participating in a Swiss Triple Impact introductory workshop at the EPFL Innovation Park, companies on site can benefit from additional tailor-made workshops in groups of three or four aiding them to foster synergies to create mutual value. Consequently, they can set ambitious goals and work towards the most impactful SDGs for each of their individual business models.

The 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

 · SDGs focus ·

SDGs focus

· SDGs focus · SDGs focus · SDGs focus · SDGs focus
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The fact that the EPFL Innovation Park proposes a program that is affordable and concrete helped to convince my management and to engage them in the process. They understood the impact that this approach would have on the company's business and image.
Yasmina Sandoz
Marketing & Communications Director, Global ID
The Swiss Triple Impact program gave me the opportunity to step back and align my actions with my vision, to better understand how to prioritize them and select those that make sense for my core business in order to have the greatest possible impact.
Sefkat Hotin
Founder Everwise - Legal advisory, services and education
Partnering with EPFL
Companies integrating sustainability into their business model through collaborations, partnerships and initiatives with EPFL.

In close collaboration with the labs and research centers of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL Innovation Park is integrated into the core of a scientific community. Partner companies located at EPFL Innovation Park are therefore part of a vibrant campus providing a unique environment for exchanging ideas and knowledge, test innovative and sustainable concepts.