From world-class research to impactful solutions for society

Whereas EPFL draws some of the best international researchers to develop cutting-edge technology, the EPFL Innovation Park is a hive of interaction between academia and business, attracting outstanding, innovative projects and empowering them to flourish, scale up and transform society. Together, we are engaging our resources to meet the challenges facing today's world.


Over one third of our innovations relate to solving key health issues related to aging, changes in metabolism, cardiovascular problems or rare diseases.


Building and maintaining trust is a major challenge for tomorrow's society and the economy. The Trust Valley initiative and its programs play a major role in finding innovative solutions to meet this challenge.


The EPFL Innovation Park companies are actively engaged in implementing effective processes and measures to ensure a more sustainable future.

30 years of constant progress

The EPFL Innovation Park has hosted and supported around 500 startups and scale-ups over the past 30 years. These have made a significant contribution to improving the well-being of humankind. The following current examples are worth highlighting:

- AC Immune develops precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases
- Sophia Genetics aims to cure cancer through data-driven personalized medicine
- ONWARD Medical restores movement in people with spinal cord injury
- Kandou Bus provides faster and more energy efficient interconnections between devices
- Inpher helps build privacy-preserving data collaboration ecosystems
- bNovate enables fast and easy water quality control
- Akselos significantly extends the lifespan of large energy infrastructures
Staying a step ahead
Driven by the inflow of dozens of disruptive projects emanating from research labs each year, we continuously adapt our offer, going beyond expectations by staying a step ahead of future societal needs. Thanks to the accumulated experience of our extensive team of coaches and mentors, we offer tailor-made support to businesses from a wide range of industries at every stage of their development. We also team up with industry leaders to design world-first programs such as Tech4Eva in Femtech or Tech4Trust in Cybersecurity & Digital Trust.

Our amazing, unique community imagines futures and makes them happen.

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