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Globalization has greatly increased market competition and accelerated the speed of technological innovation. One of the key ways for businesses to stay ahead of their game is to be cognizant of the latest breakthroughs in research and participate in their development from inception. EPFL grants companies the opportunity to do exactly this by developing strategic partnerships with its research labs and centers and offering them space on campus to locate their R&D teams. These mutually beneficial arrangements allow large corporations as well as SMEs and startups to leverage the competitive advantage resulting from close collaboration with academia while supporting innovative research.
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What we offer

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Getting the most from EPFL

Get to where the action happens. Collaborating with EPFL or working directly on the premises in your own space will let you explore ground-breaking projects in real time and provide plenty of opportunities to meet the inspiring people who work and study here. We are confident that the experience will generate marketable ideas for your business!

Privileged access to a rich ecosystem

You will get full immersion in our buzzing EPFL community by working within the Innovation Park, participating in events and workshops and accessing communications tools. You’ll also be introduced to relevant researchers and their talented teams of students.

A dedicated team at EPFL

We’re with you all the way. The Corporate Relations Team will accompany you throughout your journey at EPFL making sure that you meet the right people and see the most appropriate projects. You’ll have the support of the whole team to answer your questions and guide you in your explorations.

First class office and lab space

EPFL offers modern office and laboratory space to rent for minimum 5-year terms, renewable for further five-year periods.

Access EPFL’s expertise

Navigating through the EPFL ecosystem is inspiring but complex. We can give you access to EPFL's expertise for your innovation project. We can scout and connect you with the right EPFL center of competence or laboratory, help you have access to state of the art research, and if requested connect you with funding facilitators.

We guide you throughout your journey and help you in:

  • Saving time and increase your competitive edge
  • Connecting with our ecosystem and seize opportunities
  • Ensure success
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Set up your R&D team or innovation cell

You are a technology company and you want to stimulate innovation in your teams, recruit new talent, explore new technologies? EPFL Innovation Park welcomes any national or international innovative company wishing to set up a research team, an innovation cell or a business unit.

We help you in:

  • Identifying research projects, IP licensing opportunities, access to startups
  • Acquiring new talents
  • Connecting with the EPFL thematic centers from food through transportation, energy to the space industry
  • Branding, visibility and events
  • Connecting you with the cantonal authorities
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A dedicated team to guide you in your collaboration journey

Collaborating with EPFL or locating your R&D team on our campus means access to a research community that can impact the future of your company. We actively partner with companies to give them access to the university's research and technology, faculty and student talent, facilities and training, workshops and events.

By actively working with the Corporate Relations' Team at EPFL, you will enable the emergence of great ideas stemming from EPFL's world-class research community.

First class office and lab space

Facility solutions according to your needs

You have the opportunity to rent office space and/or laboratories.

Long-term collaboration

The rental contract is a minimum 5-year term, renewable for further five-year periods. Key account management to meet your innovation objectives is included.

Conditions of acceptance

We expect each company to interact with the global ecosystem. The nature of the collaboration can be defined with the Corporate Relations Team who acts as interface between you and EPFL.
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A rich variety of industries on our campus

 · Our video series ·

Our video series

· Our video series · Our video series · Our video series · Our video series

Discover how the Swisscom Digital Lab based at the EPFL Innovation Park leverages EPFL’s academic knowledge to contribute to Swisscom strategy.
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Discover how Schindler, a multinational company that manufactures escalators, moving walkways, and elevators worldwide, leverages machine learning and EPFL knowledge to invent the mobility of tomorrow.
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Discover how Firmenich, the largest privately-owned perfume and taste company leverages artificial intelligence with the help of EPFL students and startup Visium to help with creation and ingredient discovery.
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Meet Chargeurs, a company specializing in temporary surface protection, interlining for the apparel industry, technical textiles and high-end worsted wool is collaborating with EPFL labs to stay proactive in their niches as world leader.
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Our account manager connects us with labs, EPFL initiatives such as sustainability or cybersecurity, and even startups that can contribute to our endeavours. They are our eyes and ears in a rich and diverse ecosystem of academics and start-ups
Jean-Michel Chardon
Head of Technology Innovation, part of the Technology Office & Site Leader, Logitech

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