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Tech4Eva - season 3

For early stage to scale-up companies developing solutions for women's health
Starting Spring 2023
9 month program
Application deadline February 1, 2023
This nine-month acceleration program has been developed by the FemTech community especially for companies pushing the boundaries on technology relating to women’s health. The program’s team of industry experts will help them refine their business models, reveal the best marketing and business strategies and provide opportunities to meet potential investors and customers.
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Tech4Trust - season 4

For start-ups building the future of digital trust and cybersecurity
Starting on October 6, 2022
6 month program
Application deadline August 27, 2022
This six-month Tech4Trust program is specifically geared to startups working in the fields of digital trust and cyber security. The aim is to get these businesses market-ready and revved-up for rapid but sustainable growth. It offers assistance to secure funding, start pilots and future-proof operations through first-class coaching, access to a wide network of industry experts, tailored workshops and informative events.
Digital trust
Data Privacy
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Tech4Eva for me was more than an accelerator. The best part of the process is that it gave me the opportunity to learn how I can make my community understand the importance of my product. Thank you Tech4Eva !
Dr. Virginia Franco
CEO and Founder - Yoni Solutions

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Inpher.io is a secret computing technology for privacy-preserving machine learning and AI. They secured a financing round of 10Mio CHF led by JP Morgan, after their participation in the Tech4trust program.
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Saporo improves your cyber resistance by prioritizing and reducing user and system access risks for Active Directory, Azure and more.
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Muvon Therapeutics - Switzerland

A biotech spin-off from UZH with the mission to advance cell therapies for skeletal muscle regeneration, with the first indication: female stress urinary incontinence. The team is now fundraising 25million to develop further and start thir Phase II clinical trial and was also recently featured on the Top 30 In vivo’s 2022 Rising Leaders.
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EmbrLabs - USA

By 2025, there will be 1.1 BN women in menopause, suffering from hotflashes. EmbrLabs has harnessed the body’s response to temperature via a wrist-worn bracelet to dramatically affect the impact of menopause symptoms. Embr Labs closed a B-round of 22million during the Tech4Eva program in 2021 and has received great international media coverage validating their product technology.
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Tech4Trust - season 3

Cybersecurity, anti-coutnerfeiting, trust, tracability...

Tech4Eva - season 2

For early stage to scale-up companies developing solutions for women's health

Tech4Eva - season 1

For early stage to scale-up companies developing solutions for women's health