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Getting your project to market
Our seasoned team of coaches know that time well spent at the project stage is worth its weight in investment money! This is why they will help you use your time effectively as you develop your innovation project and prevent you from wasting it pursuing dead ends. They’ll stress-test your business plan, show you how to do an impact assessment of your product or service, flag up potential problems, point out possible sources of funding, fill you in on patents, train you to build an effective team and generally lick your ideas into a workable, business shape!

All our experts are highly qualified with extensive professional experience in both business and technology as well as being friendly and accessible and great at training first-time entrepreneurs. Thanks to their careful guidance, you’ll have a viable project up and running in the shortest possible time!

Thanks to financial support from partners such as Innosuisse, the platinn network, the Fondation pour l’innovation Technologique (FIT) and the EPFL, coaching services are offered free of charge to entrepreneurs at the EPFL Innovation Park.

We can help you to:

- Sharpen your value proposition

- Fine tune your ‘go to market’ strategy

- Obtain initial grants, loans and awards

- Prepare your business plan for investors

- Strengthen your management team

- Build a strong board of advisors / directors

- Streamline your planning execution

Who is eligible?

Affiliated entrepreneurs

Qualified entrepreneurs linked to EPFL and the EPFL Innovation Park ecosystem.

Young companies

Startups, scale-ups and spin-offs from large organizations at all stages of development.
 · Meet our coaches ·

Meet our coaches

· Meet our coaches · Meet our coaches · Meet our coaches · Meet our coaches

Simon Johnson

Business consulting

Robert Van Kommer

Innovation Mentor

Marco Rüedi

Business Consulting

Reto Hartmann

Business Consulting

Philippe Nasch

Innovation mentor

Pascal Dutheil

Business Consulting

Elise Gortchacow-Bretton

Innovation Mentor

Claude Muller

Innovation Mentor

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