Finding funding for each stage of your business

Where to look & who to talk to
Obtaining the appropriate financing at each stage of your business journey is crucial. Our extensive experience in finding tailor-made funding solutions and investment for young businesses means we can help you make the right connections and find investors that are the perfect fit for your particular operation.

Since the birth of our foundation over twenty years ago, we have assisted over 250 companies in raising more than 1 billion CHF in investment funding.

Innosuisse (former CTI), European projects, foundations, research centers and the department of the Canton of Vaud for the funding of research projects and companies have also provided funding on many projects by matching the amount invested by private financial backers.

Amount of funds raised

Amount in CHF

Akselos 16.5 M


Cysec 4.0 M

SoHHytec 2.0 M

Inergio 1.3 M

Nexthink 180.0 M

Kandou 75.0 M

Oculis 57.0 M

Astrocast 45.0 M


AC Immune 25.0 M

Loop Medical 6.4 M

Raw Labs 5.5 M

bNovate 5.0 M

Xsensio 4.2 M

Domosafety 3.0 M

EarlySight 2.3 M

Asceneuron 2.2 M

Sophia Genetics 110.0 M

Kandou 36.0 M

Lightbend 25.0 M

Lunaphore 25.0 M

iOnctura 20.0 M

Chord Therapeutics 16.0 M



Insolight 5.0 M

Artiria Medical 3.0 M

Miraex 2.8 M

Olympe 2.5 M

Flybotix 1.5 M

Comphya 1.3 M

AC BioScience 1.0 M

Annaida Technologies 1.0 M

Largo 0.7 M



Embion Technologies 0.3 M

Sophia Genetics 77.0 M

Kandou 56.0 M

Anokion 40.0 M

Swissto12 18.1 M

Bestmile 16.5 M

Oculis 15.5 M

L.E.S.S. 14.0 M

Cyberhaven 13.0 M

Gamaya 12.0 M

SamanTree Medical 9.5 M

GenomSys 9.3 M

Astrocast 9.0 M

Aleva Neurotherapeutics 8.0 M

Daphne Technology 4.9 M


Artmyn 4.0 M

ActLight 3.5 M

Resistell 3.5 M

Picterra 3.3 M

Comphya 3.0 M

L2F 3.0 M

SensArs 3.0 M

Rovenso 2.3 M

Nagi Bioscience 1.8 M

Zaphiro Technologies 1.5 M

Technis 1.4 M

AELER Technologies 1.2 M

Nexthink 85.0 M

Abionic 20.0 M

Kandou Bus 15.0 M

Pristem 14.0 M

Bestmile 11.0 M

Akselos 10.0 M

Inpher 10.0 M

Amazentis 8.4 M

Lunaphore 5.3 M

Attolight 3.8 M

Insolight 2.3 M

Younergy Solar 0.8 M

Anokion 45.0 M

Sophia Genetics 30.0 M

Lightbend 15.0 M

Aleva Neurotherapeutics 13.0 M

Lunaphore 6.0 M

Anecova 5.0 M

Scantrust 4.2 M

Astrocast 4.1 M

BestMile 2.0 M

Artmyn 1.2 M

PrYv 1.1

MPB&B 1.0 M

MindMaze 100.0 M

AC Immune 43.5 M

Nexthink 40.0 M

G-Therapeutics 36.0 M

AB2 Bio 21.0 M

Lightbend (ex Typesafe) 20.0 M

Aleva Neurotherapeutics 18.0 M

Kandou Bus 15.0 M

Qgel 12.0 M

Coorpacademy 10.0 M

BestMile 3.5 M

Gamaya 3.2 M

KB Medical 2.5 M

Genview 2.2 M

Cyberhaven 2.0 M

DomoSafety 2.0 M

PB&B 2.0 M

eSMART 1.5 M

Saphetor 1.2 M

Inpher 1.0 M

Attolight 0.5 M

Asceneuron 30.0 M

Sophia Genetics 15.0 M

MindMaze 8.5 M

Saman-Tree Medical 4.5 M

L,E,S,S, 3.0 M

Lunaphore Technologies 2.0 M

Attolight 1.2 M

ScanTrust 1.2 M

Flyability 1.0 M

Biocartis 79.5 M

Anokion 33.0 M

AC Immune 20.0 M

Sophia Genetics 13.8 M

Aleva Neurotherapeutics 8.0 M

Abionic 3.8 M

Coorpacademy 3.8 M

Nanolive 2.3 M

Attolight 1.1 M

Biocartis 30.0 M

Spinomix 3.0 M

Sophia Genetics 2.8 M

Smallrivers 2.0 M

Abionic 1.5 M

Bug Buster 1.0 M

Biocartis 34.5 M

Typesafe 14.0 M

Kandou 10.0 M

Asceneuron 6.0 M

Nexthink 5.5 M

KB Medical 4.0 M

Abionic 2.0 M

Attolight 1.5 M

Biocartis 71.0 M

Aleva Neurotherapeutics 10.0 M


Scala Solutions 3.0 M

Lemoptix 1.5 M

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The Foundation for Technological Innovation provides financial support of up to 500 KCHF to innovative and technological projects at different development stages.
More detail
More detail


Innosuisse co-funds innovation projects that companies and private and public institutions conduct jointly with research partners.
More details
More details


The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) supports and advises companies and entrepreneurs based in the canton of Vaud.
More details
More details

Future of Health Grant

For startups in digital health, get the first CHF 90'000 kick with this equity free grant!
More details
More details

Venture Kick

Kick provides up to CHF 150,000 in seed funding to Swiss startups three stages. Winners of Venture Kick are eligible for CHF 850,000 investment from the Kickfund and for an InnoBooster grant of an additional CHF 150,000.
More details
More details


The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is one of the largest and most active business angel networks in Switzerland connecting smart money investors to Swiss seed and early-stage tech startups.
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More details

Verve Ventures

Verve Ventures is a network and technology-driven venture capital firm headquartered in Switzerland. Verve Ventures is one of the most active venture investors in Europe with over 140 technology and science-driven startups in its portfolio.
More details
More details

Swisscom Ventures

Swisscom Ventures is the venture capital arm of Swisscom AG, the leading telecommunications and IT provider in Switzerland. Swisscom Ventures has invested in over 70 IT, digital media and telecommunication companies.
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