Camipro card & Gaspar account

Camipro Card

The CAMIPRO card is a kind of EPFL identity card containing a variety of functions. It is a chargeable electronic wallet, allowing you to pay in all the campus shops without using cash. By using it you can also get a discount in selected stores outside the campus. It is also your personal access key to protected locations such as buildings or car parks and you can use it to borrow a bike.
Camipro form
How to obtain your card

Please submit the completed Camipro form by email to, along with the following:

  • photocopy of your passport or identity card
    a copy of your residence permit or driver’s license is not valid
  • recent picture
    Please provide a photo in the following format: 240 x 320 (minimum resolution) with a ratio 4:3 (h:L) in jpeg
    Visual criteria:

    – Only one person per picture
    – The portrait should cover the whole image area (we should not be required to perform any cutting or cropping).
    The picture should not have any stamp, trace, overexposed image. No profile picture accepted. Please check the contrast and cleanness and make sure that the person in the photo is easily identifiable.

You will be informed by the reception desk when the Camipro card is ready.

When the employee leaves the company, please return the Camipro card to the reception desk,

For any question, you can contact your Camipro administrator at :

Lost card

If your card has been lost or stolen, please block it as soon as possible by clicking on “Block your card” on your Gaspar account or by calling the PCC (021 693 4000) on

Gaspar account

EPFL services granted to employees of companies established at the EPFL Innovation Park.

The Gaspar account allows accredited users (users with a CAMIPRO) to access the secured EPFL services that requires authentification, such as:

ServicesDescriptionInformation and procedures on :
Electronic payment systemCharge your Camipro card by e-banking. Check your balance online
(borrow a bike)
Rent a bicycle and get a 50% discount on the B-Fit subscription. Access to the Lausanne-Morges network + the entire PubliBike national network of the same generation. Ask us the promo code!
Green Motion

(Electric vehicle charging)
Charge of your electric vehicle in the Green Motion network.

(Electric barbecue)
The electrical barbecue concept installed at EPFL
MementoAnnouncement of your events to the EPFL community. Receive weekly report on specific events you selected

Your Gaspar account can be activated by making the request by email to  your Gaspar administrator