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In parallel with the growth of the EPFL campus, the EPFL Innovation Park regularly adds new sites in different locations to its portfolio. The aim is to meet the evolving needs of its partners and support the emergence of new ecosystems dedicated to disruptive innovation and technology transfer. Each location serves the requirements of different types of startups, scale-ups and young companies.
The EPFL Innovation Park
Located on the EPFL campus next to 500 laboratories and institutes, our main site hosts a community of 250 startups, scale-ups and 30 innovation cells of large companies. All kinds of technology is represented, from AI to cyber security and from nanotech to robotics and life science.

The EPFL Innovation Park offers solutions to meet the needs of startups at their different stages.

The co-working space of La Forge nurtures projects to maturity until their inception as startups. Its creators benefit greatly from being part of an ecosystem that promotes the exchange of ideas between like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Garage hosts young EPFL spin-off companies in their first premises at a reasonable rent for up to two years, allowing them to focus on developing their technologies, raising funds and recruiting new talent.

Corporate partners benefit from the support of EPFL's Vice Presidency of Innovation, which facilitates the establishment of collaborative partnerships between research and development units and EPFL laboratories.

The Campus Biotech Innovation Park

Founded in 2015, Campus Biotech is a major neuroscience and life science hub in Geneva piloted by UNIGE, EPFL and the Wyss Institute. The Innovation Park next to it, hosts 40 companies working in the areas of life science and digital trust.

The Geneus program and co-working space refines and develops life science projects to make them viable as startups. Their growth period is enhanced by evolving in an ecosystem that encourages the spontaneous exchange of ideas between like-minded innovators.
The unlimitrust campus
The unlimitrust campus, created by SICPA and located in Lausanne-Prilly, will bring together start-ups, corporations, investors, academics, institutions and other stakeholders in the field of trust technologies to co-create the Economy of Trust. The EPFL Innovation Park has a branch in this 25,000 m2 building, to host startups working in the field of digital trust as well as community space called the Trust Village.

The EPFL Ecotope

The inspiring motto,“Co-dream, co-create, co-learn” has been adopted by EPFL Ecotope, a next generation park that will set new standards in purposeful, community-generated, disruptive innovation. This new park, driven by the momentum of 30 years innovation creation at the EPFL Innovation Park, is just a 5-minute bike-ride away from the main EPFL campus. It is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem, where representatives of academia, industry and public life can imagine new futures in beautiful, modern surroundings conducive to the kind of spontaneous interactions that generate game-changing ideas.
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