Future of Health Grant

EPFL Innovation Park provides grants and access to expertise to help them turn their ideas into reality.

By harnessing the power of data, mobile technologies, and artificial intelligence, we are enable predictive and preventative care, and improve the overall patient journey. Building the future of health in Switzerland is an important part of our commitment to ensuring that everyone has the right to live a long and healthy life. Digital Health can help close gaps in access to care, make services more affordable, and improve quality and outcomes. As we move towards a future where digital health is ubiquitous, we must support innovators who are developing solutions that will make this vision a reality.



10’000 CHF

Pitch your startup idea in front of a jury composed of CSS and EPFL Innovation Park representatives, Innovation experts, healthcare providers from Switzerland, and get CHF 10’000 without equity or interest to support and kick your venture idea! 10 projects awarded per year.



30’000 CHF

Present your startup, business plan, in front of a jury composed of investors, head of innovation from corporates and healthcare providers and get CHF 30’000 without any equity or interest. This grant is here to help you to develop your product, prototype, creating a proof of concept. 5 startups awarded per year.



50’000 CHF

Last stage before accessing to the CSS Corporate Venture Fund. Get the chance to get backed and supported by the number one basic insurance company in Switzerland with a grant of CHF 50’000. This grant supports the development of a user validation or clinical trials in collaboration with users and healthcare professionals. 2 startups awarded per year.