Your company plans to develop innovative products, services or processes. To do so, you need the expertise of a Swiss research institute. Then you should join forces and realise your innovation project together.

Requirements for submitting an application

Project partners who want to submit an application must meet certain requirements.

As a company or as private or public institution (so-called implementation partner)

As an implementation partner, you must meet these five requirements:

  • Your company or private or public institution must operate in Switzerland and engage in value-creating activities.
  • The focus of your project must be on science-based innovation, i.e. on implementing the latest research findings on the market.
  • Your project must address a market need and promise to be commercially successful or to benefit society.
  • You must assume the project costs incurred within your company and be prepared to cover your research partner's expenses in an amount equivalent to at least 10% of the funding offered by Innosuisse.
  • A Swiss research partner must be prepared to implement an innovation project with you.

As researcher

You must work at a Swiss research institution. Your research institution (the so-called research partner of the project) must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Higher education research centres as per Art. 4, Letter c of the RIPA
  • Non-commercial research centres outside the higher education sector in accordance with Art. 5 of the RIPA
  • Government bodies as per Art. 16 (3) of the RIPA which carry out their own research for the purpose of fulfilling their mandates
  • Federal research institutes according to Art. 17 of the RIPA
  • A company must want to realise an innovation project with you as a research partner.