Trespassing vehicles

If you find a trespassing vehicle on the parking space you have booked for the day, here is the important things to know and to do:

  1. Do not park on another parking spot without authorisation or you will be fined.
  2. Fairmove does not allow double bookings on the same day. As a result, you will have to use the visitor parking spaces and pay for your space using the parking meter. For the users of fairmove in Saint-Sulpice, you will have to use the public parking spaces. The closest one is located here.
  3. You can have your parking permit refunded as fairmove credit by sending the following information to, so that we can report the owner of the vehicle to the Justice of the Peace:
    • A photo of the front of the vehicle
    • A photo of the rear of the vehicle
    • If not visible in the previous photos, a photo with the vehicle and the number of the parking space visible
    • The parking lot concerned
  4. If you do not provide us with this information, or do so only in part, we will not consider any reimbursement in accordance with our terms of use.