Smart Guide Mobility & Tool-kit for companies
The aim of the Smart Guide Mobility is to inform the EPFL Innovation Park community about offers, infrastructures and events related to commuting or professional mobility on campus.

The tool-kit is a how-to guide for corporate mobility, developed jointly by the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. It aims to:
- Provide support, concrete advice and a plan of action for companies wishing to establish a mobility plan
- Raise awareness of existing corporate mobility schemes in the Lake Geneva region enabling companies to pool their knowledge on the subject
- Encourage the development of a collaborative corporate mobility network in the region.
Business travel guide
Off-campus mobility also matters: a sustainable business travel guide is available to reduce the impact of business trips, by providing tips and best practices. To have an impact, changes need to be made at both individual and organizational levels. Therefore this guide is designed to support companies in setting up their own business travel policy and to promote it among their employees.
Fairmove - Daily parking
Fairmove is our web-app for companies and their employees to access pre-paid daily parking slots with or without charging point in our car parks in Lausanne and Saint-Sulpice.
Fairmove - Car pooling
After a first successful trial with about 400 participants in 2019, the use of the carpooling platform had to beinterrupted due to the pandemic.

EPFL Sustainability and the EPFL Innovation Park are reactivating this platform in order to continue the promotion of carpooling on EPFL campuses. There is indeed a strong potential for pooling individual motorised journeys, the benefits of which are both financial and climatic. 

As of today, the new Fairmove platform or mobile app is available to the entire EPFL community and to EPFL Innovation Park employees to connect car drivers and ride partners.
Mobility survey & indicators
Since 2015, the EPFL Innovation Park has been included in the biannual EPFL mobility survey on students and staff. The aim is to observe and understand the evolution of mobility practices and assess the environmental footprint generated by commuting to and from the campus.

Each year the EPFL Innovation Park analyses key mobility indicators to reflect on future needs according to the evolution of mobility behaviors. This has already led to a growing number of bike parking options and electrical charging stations.

Health & well-being

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