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Various public areas with coffee machines, vending machines and water dispensers are available.

Cafeterias are located on the ground floor of building A and of building L North and on the 1st floor of building B. They are equipped with microwave ovens, fridges, a dishwasher, a coffee maker (capsules) and a sink.

Snack vending machines:

  • Regular snacks: in building B and C (1st floor) and in building D (ground floor)
  • Healthy snacks: in building E and I (ground floor)
  • Artisanal ice-cream: in building D (ground floor)

Nespresso machines are located:

  • In building A (ground and 4th floor)
  • In building B (1st floor)
  • In building C (ground and 1st floor)
  • In building D (ground and 2nd floor)
  • In building I (2nd floor)
  • In building L (ground floor)

Coffee capsules can be purchased in bulk at the reception desk in building C.
The machines are supplied with cups, sugar and stirrers on even weeks throughout the year.

Lounge areas:

  • In building A, adjacent to Venus room (4th floor)
  • In building C, adjacent to Neptune room (1st floor)
  • In building D, adjacent to the atrium (2nd floor)
  • In building F, adjacent to Luna/Jupiter rooms (ground floor)

Phone booths / nursing rooms (these rooms can be locked from the inside):

  • In building L – 1st floor next to the conference room
  • In building D – “working space” next to the cafeteria on the ground floor

Showers (please do not leave anything in the lockers after your sports activity):

  • In building B (basement)
  • In building C (3rd floor south side)
  • In building D (basement)
  • In building G (basement)

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