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Taste quality products

In these vending machines, you will find products specifically selected by us according to the following criteria:

  • Local: the products come from producers and companies in the region
  • Sustainable: they have been selected according to environmental criteria
  • Qualitative: the raw materials and the manufacturing companies which make the products are subject to a charter of excellence from the brand VAUD+;
  • Gourmet: one of the main criteria. Being healthy doesn't mean it's not delicious!
  • Accessible: fair and accessible prices so that everyone can benefit
  • Healthy: a selection of healthy and balanced products, not to mention a varied offer for all types of diets

A regional initiative

The development of this new vending machines concept is part of our ongoing commitment to the general well-being of people working at the EPFL Innovation Park which includes eating well.

This project is developed in partnership with EPFL and various regional participants:

  • Vaud + : a regional brand whose goal is to promote the art of living in the canton of Vaud and Swiss excellence (building D)

We are delighted to participate in the well-being of the Park community and we hope that the products offered in these vending machines will please as many people as possible!

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