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The Canton of Vaud applies, as most of the Swiss Cantons, Art. 32 of Environmental Protection Act, which sets out the “polluter pays” causality principle.

In order to comply with the laws and further to several technical and financial feasibility studies, many communes joined together, by means of waste management perimeters, to introduce a regional rubbish bag tax system.

This system, which is intended to be causal, makes it possible to hold the waste holder responsible, while drastically limiting the related technical, financial and administrative costs.

On the EPFL site, specific blue rubbish bags are provided to this end. For the EPFL Innovation Park, they may be acquired at our reception in building C. These mandatory bags are sold at the price of:

  • CHF 35.00 (tax excluded) per 110 litres pack (200 pieces)
  • CHF 28.00 (tax excluded) per 35 litres pack (400 pieces)

This supply shall be invoiced bi-annually based on the delivery slip signed for submission of the bags.

Do not forget to also take into consideration the quantities needed by your cleaning companies acting at your inner premises.

Other rules and regulations

To ensure a peaceful, comfortable and clean environment within the building, please take note of and observe the following rules of good conduct. To avoid obstructing the entrance, please store bicycles or other items into the dedicated and appropriate areas. Take the responsibility for the cleanliness and good condition of the building. This means repairing any damage caused by you, your staff, your visitors, etc.

Kindly participate in the ecological effort of the local authorities by sorting your office rubbish. Containers are available for cardboard, paper, waste, PET, glass and aluminium. Large items must be taken care of and removed by the occupant as the city of Ecublens does not provide such service to corporations. When outside, please use the rubbish bins along the pathways.

The occupant must abide by all regulation applicable to its field of activity by taking appropriate measures. The occupant is solely responsible for compliance with safety requirements including aspects related to the:

  • storage, warehousing and handling of hazardous, flammable, toxic, biological, or explosive materials;
  • elimination of toxic chemicals, solvents and organic products;
  • emission of toxic smokes;
  • handling of potentially pathogenic micro-organisms.

Think about what you throw in the toilet, some objects or materials can clog pipes.
Think about your use of energy: be eco-friendly with heating, electricity, water, particularly hot water.

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