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Conference rooms for external clients

Conference rooms are available at the EPFL Innovation Park and can be rented by the day or the half day.

See pricing below1 (-50% for startups) :

BuildingFloorRoomWindowsBeamerCapacityDay rate
(without tax)
Half-day rate
(without tax)
FGroundLuna*YesLCD Screen20 peopleCHF 440.-CHF 220.-
FGroundJupiter*YesYes20 peopleCHF 440.-CHF 220.-
FGroundJupiter + LunaYesYes50 peopleCHF 880.-CHF 440.-

*A wireless Click & Share system for the beamer/screen is available at the reception desk in building C.

Available at an additional cost: room preparation before the meeting and/or room cleaning after the meeting.

Cancellation policy: clients may cancel without charge up to 72 hours (3 working days) before the event. Any cancellations after that will incur a charge of 30% of the booking cost.

For inquiries and bookings please contact Nikolina, tel. +41 21 353 80 00 email:

Conference rooms for tenants

Startups with a lease contract through the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation benefit from free access to the EPFL Innovation Park conference rooms listed below. All conference rooms are equipped with WiFi.

A4thVenusYesYes16 people
A1stSaturnYesYes15 people
BGroundMercureYesLed screen12 people
C1stNeptuneYesYes50 people
C3rdMarsNoNo16 people
DGroundUranusYesYes60 people
DGroundPlutonYesYes40 people
D3rdErisNoNo15 people
D4thCérèsNoNo15 people
I2ndHaumeaNoNo15 people

On the EPFL Campus

If you are a business partner working in the EPFL Innovation Park, you can rent additional rooms on the EPFL campus for conferences, seminars or workshops: Formation Continue (ground floor of Building E), Rolex Center Forum, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums or classrooms.

For all inquiries and reservations, please contact: Mediacom-Event + 41 21 693 51 27
Email: /

SwissTech Convention Center

This convention center is ideal for large events (100 to 3000 people) and/or events taking place in several places at once, as it has a plenary room, breakout rooms and workshops.

For all inquiries and reservations, please contact: SwissTech Convention Center + 41 21 693 42 42
Email: /

Organising an event sustainably

For several years now, EPFL Innovation Park has been integrating sustainability into a number of practices, including the organisation of events. Please find here our sustainable checklist.

This document brings together the important points to consider when planning an event:

  • Purchases
  • Catering
  • Waste management
  • Mobility
  • Communications

And more.

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